David Howard

production values


I produce video, events, conferences, business television, training programmes and occasionally gigs and festivals!

I also design and develop creative concepts, write scripts, train speakers, direct live shows and work as a show caller on large events throughout Europe.

I should use this web-space to tell you how fantastic and cutting-edge and unique I am but, being naturally modest, I will leave all that stuff to some of the wonderful people that I have had the privilege to work for and with over the past 25 years

In these few pages there are lists of clients, videos and stills of some of the work I have done in the past and generous references substantiating my claim to be ‘pretty damn good’ at what I do ... but lets face it, no one is going to buy the kind of services that I offer from a website...

So, if you like what you see - and you’re not put off by the absence of hyperbole and buzz words and business speak - then please just drop me an email or give me a call !

I look forward to hearing from you


I’m a producer...

quote of the day

‘I believe a little kindness, can save the human race’

AiTO Conference 2010 , Cochin, India